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Chill-filtration - a subject which splits consumers: many (or should that be most?) don’t care about it, but the maltheads are incensed about it.

Chill filtration removes some of the fats which are in suspension in the spirit and which become visible as a haze in the liquid when water is added to it.  Their removal means that the consumer always gets a bright and clear liquid in their glass.  Thus, if the whisky has not been chill filtered, uneducated consumers think that they are being sold faulty whisky when they add their ice or water.  

The process takes the temperature of the spirit down to below 5°C before it passes through a filter.  This chilling causes the fats to become more substantial and allows the filter to trap them.  The downside is that a little amount of flavour is also trapped within the filter.  


Welcome to my website.


This will become, I hope, a portal for those interested in Scotch Whisky. World whiskies (and other alcoholic drinks) to learn about those liquids.


My intention is that it will guide you to greater understanding and appreciation of the quality of what is out there.  Obviously, my own personal preferences will come to the fore; to some extent, I will allow this, whereas, in The Malt Whisky File, I have attempted to be as objective in my tasting notes as possible.  I am pleased to say that most people consider that I have been successful in that aim.


It will contain information about events with which I am involved, a blog where I will tell anyone who is interested, what I am doing on a day-to-day basis and information about what I am tasting and what is occurring in the Scottish (and wider) drinks trade.


The links page contains links to websites with which either I am associated in some way, or else with which I have been impressed.

definitely NOT

I stood out against The Year of Homecoming 2009 (which cost a small fortune with very little return for tourism businesses), President Alex the Fish is intent on wasting even more money on The Year of Homecoming 2014, so I will maintain my stance against that.  


VisitScotland are a great waste of space, they have cost me a lot of time and money, so I will NOT support anything they are involved in.

After all, it is all a part of the re-elect Alex Salmond campaign, isn’t it?


Whisky Blender

is Here!

I was surprised to be voted Whisky Man of the Year 2011 by the Whisky Boys.   I am absolutely gobsmacked to have been awarded the accolade for a second time!   Whisky Man of the Year 2012!

See the whisky boys website here

This impressive wee book celebrates Madeira, one of the world’s (almost) forgotten pudding wines.  It is full of facts and great detail.  If you are at all interested in wine and/or like pudding wines, this is for you.

Trevor’s site is here.


...and I have been awarded "Whisky Connoisseur of the Year 2017 - UK & The Scotch Whisky Trail Certificate Course has been awarded Best Spirits Course 2017”   in Industry Insight Monthly's 2017 Luxury Goods Awards!