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Best book on the market and now better than ever  

As a whisky lover, I can honestly say this is the most useful and knowledgeable guide to malt whisky on the market, one that will help guide you through the huge plethora of delicious malts being produced in Scotland (and further afield). And I'm delighted to say that it has been fully revised and updated with even more tasting notes.


Each malt is graded according to its sweetness, peatiness and cost which is much more meaningful than say Michael Jackson's somewhat arbitrary mark out of a hundred that he gives each whisky. With labels for each malt reproduced in full colour and published in a handy pocket format, this is a must for anyone who loves drinking Scotland's amber nectar.

I am  quite openly proud about my creation of The Malt Whisky File and consider the latest edition to be the best, but don’t take my word for it, look at a customer review on Amazon:  I don’t know who

he or she, is, but thank you,

...whoever you are!


The price on Amazon is better

than I can offer, but Amazon

can’t offer signed copies.


If you would like a copy of

The Malt Whisky File,

signed by me, please click on

the link below.


Now Sold Out!!

But watch out for

Whisky Obsessions  

The English edition is due for publication on 1st November.

At 199 pages, it can’t be a definitive guide, more of a cheat sheet to some of the world’s finest.


The cover price is a mere £9.99


Just drop me a message at john@johnlamond.com if you want a copy.



And buying from here, the copies are signed by the author.


The Malt Whisky File



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